This site is to share the results of my research about my ancestors and those of my husband.  I’m hoping that others will also come here to share their results.  This way we will all be able to expand and combine our family information.

My ancestors are mainly from Mason County, West Virginia.  They migrated in from Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Virginia.  Some of the surnames are Carder, Gibbs, Sinnnett, Edwards, Rice, Absten, Mourning, Eads, Leeper, Congrove, Noble  and many more.

My husband’s ancestors  on his father’s side went to Calhoun County, Alabama by way of Arkansas, Kentucky and Indiana.  His mother’s side were from Alabama.  Some of his surnames are McKim(m), Roberts, Foster, Reaves, Abernathy, Medders, Stonecypher and many others.

This would be a good time to tell the story of why the (m) is being used.  The family says that a McKim son joined the military.  When he went to sign for his pay, there had been a mistake and his records had his name with two m’s (McKimm).  He had been told to sign his name with both in order to get his pay.  He wrote home about this and all but one of his siblings adopted the second “m”.  So some of their records have one “m” and some have two.

The Surname page lists some of our ancestors.  Some have links to pages with more information about those families.  the Family Ties page gives the names of some couples and links them to the Surname pages.  It also gives an ancestral tree for us.

If you think we’re related – please Contact Me.  I’d love for us to share information.

Please join me in expanding our families.

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