Our Family Ties

These are some of our ancestral, and allied, couples.  They may be found in their respective Ancestral Tree.

Carder Side                                                       Carder Ancestral Tree

Lambert Myers Carder              John Carder                          Thomas Farmer Absten
Susan Thomas Absten               Sarah Ann Leeper                 Nancy A. Peck

Frederick Eads                           George Harrison Rice           George Wolfe Rice
Cordelia Mourning                      Bertha J. Eads                       Leanor Elizabeth Hardwick

John H. Gibbs                              Archibald Gibbs                    George W. Sinnett
Susan Sinnett                              Martha E. Humphries           Melissa I. Congrove

Arthur Isaac Edwards               William Lewis Edwards         Erastus Noble
Eliza Jane Nobel                         Christina Catherine Gibbs     Eliza Jane Lewis

Lloyd Oral Harris                       Lawrence Ivan Roush             Hancel Jessie Cearley, Sr.
Susie Myrtle Lewis                    Lillian Jean Campbell              Onice Odell Sipes

John Harvey Rice
Linnie Vene Riffle

McKim(m) Side                                              McKim(m) Ancestral Tree

Edward Everett McKim(m)           Robert Bruce McKim              John James McKim
Lillie Etta Reaves                             Elizabeth  Brown                     Nancy Ann Roberts

Robert McKim, Sr.                           William Patrick Reaves           William Foster Abernathy
Rhoda Foster                                     Cecilia Ida Bice                         Claudia Bea Stonecypher

Thomas Edward Abernathy            Joe Dixon Stonecypher           June Theopolis Abernathy
Venetta L. Stivender                         Ada Medders                            Luanna Irene Lavender

William Robert Stivender
Sarah Jane Elliott

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